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You can make shopping, games, entertainment or bill payments with Pokus,

you can share accounts with your friends,

You can transfer money 24/7!

Moreover, no dues!

Before creating your account

the privileges of Pokus, which facilitates payments.
Explore closely:

Other name: Convenience!

Going to the bank in Pokus, waiting in line, your troubles are a thing of the past!
If you are 12 years or older, you can open your account in a few steps with your mobile phone number and e-mail address and start using it for free.

What was the dues?

You don’t pay dues when using Pocus.
You will never encounter a surprise charge for the time you use it.

The comfort of contactless is in Pokus!

Pokus Kart has contactless features so that you don’t worry while shopping and don’t lose your speed!
Moreover, you do not need to enter a password for any transaction up to 750 TL!

Here, there, there!

You can use your virtual card or Pokus Card everywhere, from shopping to games, from food to entertainment, even for bill payments, with MasterCard assurance!

Always ready with Ready Limit!

When you want to shop, load your Pokus account with Ready Limit and your expenses will be reflected on your Türk Telekom invoice. Spend now, pay later.

Money transfer has no time!

There are no bank hours, EFT hours or those long IBANs shared with a screenshot in Pokus.
You can send or deposit money on mobile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you want.
All you have to do for money transfer is to select the person you will send from your directory and determine the amount! Of course completely free!

Winning campaigns are always with you!

From play to clothing,
from eating to traveling
in your favorite brands
Discounts, cash gifts and privileges you will love are at Pokus!

We pay the bill in the Pocus Method!

Pokus does not have problems such as how much you ate, how much I paid, who pays how much, where is my wallet.
With the Split Spending feature in the mobile application, you can easily split the account in Pokus and share the spending amount among people.

Pay bills, pay commissions!

We don’t like to wait in line to pay bills or follow the working hours!
You can pay your corporate bills such as water, natural gas and electricity free of charge from anywhere with Pokus!

Download your mobile wallet Pokus right now,
our new payment method
start living your privileges!
Using Pocus is easy!

After downloading the Pokus application, you can sign up with your mobile phone number in a few seconds and start using Pokus right away. After creating a Pokus account, your e-money wallet is ready to use.

You can also get your Pokus Card right away to make your payments easily. If you want, enter the application, place your order and we will send it to your special Pokus card address; If you want, place your order at pokus.com.tr.
For more detailed information, you can visit our website pokus.com.tr or contact us on our Customer Service line at 444 72 79.

You can always reach us on our social media accounts.


Pokus is a service of Türk Telekom Odeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. TT Payment and Electronic Money Services Inc. It is a licensed payment and electronic money institution. All activities T.C. It is carried out under the control and supervision of the Central Bank.

Download Pokus App

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