Syrian activists are calling for the closure of the Twitter page of Turkish politician Umit Ozdag – Arab Turkey

Syrian activists are calling for the closure of the Twitter page of Turkish politician Umit Ozdag

Syrian activists are calling for the closure of the Twitter page of Turkish politician Umit Ozdag

Four million Syrian refugees live on Türkiye lands in accordance with an agreement signed between the European Union (EU) and Türkiye requiring the reception of Syrians fleeing the hell of war in Syria in search of a safe haven and granting them the right to temporary protection.

This humanitarian crisis has turned into a subject ofpolitical exploitation and blackmail practiced by some politicians in Türkiye through inciting the Turkish people not to accept the presence of the Syrians on Türkiye lands and calling for their deportation to areas in Syria still recognized as unsafe by the Security Council, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Member States.

This led to inciting a large segment of the Turkish people against the presence of Syrian refugees in Türkiye, which turned into increasing feelings of hatred, resulting in racism, bullying, and hatred against Syrians simply because they are Syrians.

One of the most prominent of these politicians who usesthis method of incitement against the presence, security and stability of the refugees, is the founder and leader of the Turkish Victory Party, ÜMİT ÖZDAĞ, who never ceases to stop inciting against the presence of Syrian refugees in Türkiye and spreading feelings of hatred against themthrough his tweets on his blue badged verified Twitter account.

The rest of the social media platforms on the Internet did not accept his publications and tweets with the same thought and wording that he presents on Twitter platform, which indicates that this man knows Twitter loopholes and is exploiting them to implement his racist agenda and gather a great number of supporters from within his 2.5+ million followers, most of whom are Turkish people, who have that same racist tendency and do not respect human rights treaties, affecting them with his dangerous ideologyand incitement against Syrian refugees.

It is with logic to say that such many supporters must have among them those with criminal records or mentally ill people who have the tendency to commit crimes, and who will not hesitate to carry out crimes against the Syrian refugees and target them as their victims, as has happened in previously committed crimes with racist motives.

Manyof his followers are influenced by his ideology, which seeks to reject everything related to the existence and safety of Syrian refugees in Türkiye, and based on his directives through his tweets on Twitter, these racists are harassing the Syrian refugee in Türkiye.

Through starting this petition on AVAAZ platform, we seekhumanitarian support from everyone who reads it.

With it we request Twitter platform to carry out its humanitarian duty and close the aforementioned Twitter account, which made four million Syrians in Türkiye live in fear andinsecurity.

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Petitioners: Human rights activists and Syrian refugees in Türkiye17.06.2023

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    1. اغلقو حساب اوميت اوذداغ انه عنصري ولا يدعم حقوق الانسان

    2. زبالة من الزبالات يكره الحضارة السورية التي علمت البشرية الكتابة والإبحار وإشعال النيران

  1. الثقافه التركية وادبيات الأتراك الحقيقيين (المسلمين)تختلف كل الاختلاف عن شخصية اوميت اوزداغ

  2. يجب. محاكمة العنصري أوميت أوزداغ ولايكفي التوقيع على العريضة فهو قد تسبب. بمقتل الكثير. من الشباب السوريين بسبب تحريضه علينا

  3. يجب. محاكمة أوميت أوزداغ ولايكفي التوقيع على العريضة فقد تسبب. بمقتل الكثير. من الشباب السوريين بسبب تحريضه علينا

  4. لانقبل باوميدأوزداغ بالدولة التركية لأنه
    محرض ضدالإسلام تركيا أهلنا واخوتنا منذالزمن القديم نشكر الحكومة التركية
    والشعب التركي هو الوحيد الذي وقف بجانب المظلومين نحيي تركيا حكومة وشعبا

  5. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
    الرجاء إيقاف حساب اوميت اوزداغ..لانه شخص يحث على التمييز العنصري والكراهية..

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  7. محمد علي حلاق أرجوأغلاق صفحة أوميت أوذداغ وشكرأ

  8. الرجاء إغلاق صفحات الأشخاص الذين يحرضون على الكراهية وأعداء الإنسانية

  9. اتمنى اغلاق صفحة هذا العنصري اوميت اوزداغ واتمنى ايضا رفع دعوى قضائية عليه فهو ليس بانسان عنصري بل معنى اخر قد تسبب بكلامه العنصري بمقتل اكثر من500 لاجئ بتركيا

  10. He is a person who advocates racism and hatred
    انه شخص يدعو الى العنصرية والكراهية

  11. يرجى إغلاق حسابات اوميت اوزداغ و ذلك لأنه يلفق معلومات كاذبة تحض على الكراهية و العنصرية المقيتة و بات واضحا للجميع ما يقوم به من تحريض كاذب

  12. Çok beklersiniz Türkiye Türklerin Ulusudur. Değişiklik isteyen ülkesine dönsün. Türkiye tatil köyü değildir.

  13. ارجو إغلاق حساب الميت اوزداغ هذا عنصري ويحفظك لى الكراهيه

  14. انه شخص عنصري ويحرض على الكراهية والعنف
    O bir ırkçı ve nefreti ve şiddeti kışkırtıyor
    He is a racist and incites hatred and violence

  15. يرجى اغلاق حساب الذي يحض الكراهية ضد الشعب السوري وتلفيق الأكاذيب عل السوريين

  16. انهو شخص عنصري ومفتري نرجو منكم أن تغلقو صفحته على تويتر

  17. اوميت اوزداغ يحض على الكراهية والعنصرية ضد اللاجئين السوريين وغيرهم من المظلومين والفارين من القتل والحروب

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