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İBB CepTrafik

İBB CepTrafik

Access instant traffic information everytime and everywhere with IBBCepTrafik!

With the IBB CepTrafik application, which is a service of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, you can access instant traffic information via your mobile phone at any time.

IBB CepTrafik is an application that allows you to get instant traffic information with traffic cameras and intensity map developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

With this application, you can access speed information received from traffic sensors of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, traffic camera images and traffic announcements published by the Transportation Management Center.

You can make traffic-related notifications, share your opinions and suggestions through the application.

You can also contact us via [email protected] for any problems related to the application.

In IBB CepTrafik application, traffic camera images are presented as 3 pictures that are played back to back and changed every minute in order to minimize internet traffic of users.

You can add the cameras and car parks you use frequently to your favorites list.

You need to zoom in on the map to see traffic sensors, more cameras, signalized junctions, electric charging stations, Isbike or parking area lots.

You can use the application over wireless and mobile operators.

Data traffic that will occur during the use of the application through operators may be deducted from your internet package or may be charged by your operators if you do not have an internet package.

Make sure you are using the current version.

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