Qumpara is a mobile application that gives you rewards as you shop.

It’s easy to make Qum money

Qum is our money and we give you lots of money.

By following the campaigns in Qumpara, shopping in the indicated markets and brands, answering surveys, watching videos or clicking on advertisements, you can earn Qum points and convert your reward points into gift vouchers from the catalog if you wish or you can convert it to cash by withdrawing it directly to your bank account.

Follow the campaigns By installing the application on your phone, you can keep track of your special campaigns.

Do your shopping in your usual market
The points of sale and further details where the promotion is valid are waiting for you on the promotion pages. Don’t forget to get a coupon after shopping to participate in the promotions.

Take a photo of your receipt and send it
Take a picture of the receipt of your Qumpara purchase and send it off. Your receipt will be read automatically and we will notify you within the application. If the coupon you sent meets the promotion rules, you can win your prize immediately.

Earn the rewards

You can track the awards you have won on your “Qumparam” page. Qumpara gives you different rewards from different brands. Sometimes you get a refund of part of your purchases.

You can request your accumulated qumparas in cash to your account. Sometimes you can win prizes such as movie tickets and shopping vouchers during the promotions.

Market catalogs at Qumpara

We put the latest catalogs of the markets on Qumpara. In this way, you can easily find matching products from your purchase, get affordable prices and get extra income from your purchase by participating in the promotions in Qumpara.

Prizes and Sweepstakes Notice: Apple Inc. has no affiliation, sponsorship or responsibility whatsoever with respect to campaigns, opportunities, prizes and sweepstakes in the Qumpara application.

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