Maybe a little niche, but it might help one or the other reader.

Many password managers now offer synchronization via the provider’s cloud or their own.

This ensures that you have the same data set on different devices.

It’s a little different with KeePassDroid.

Although you can synchronize KeePass on the desktop via the cloud, there is no way to synchronize directly to Android (and vice versa).

Dropbox users can of course “synchronize” the password database, but have to use tools like DropSync. If you use Google Backup & Sync on your PC anyway, you can proceed differently. If you throw the KeePass database encrypted on the PC into a sync folder, it ends up in the cloud, so it can also be accessed on the Android smartphone.

However, tapping is not enough, maybe you want to synchronize. You can also do this by clicking longer on the database file on Android and selecting that you want it to be available offline. Then you tap on it, whereupon its storage path appears in KeePassDroid. Here you set it as a standard file and you can then get started:

If you make changes, then these are also saved in the cloud, so they can also be found on the PC. Is there anything to watch out for? Yes, if you do it that way, you shouldn’t have clients in multiple locations at the same time. Whereby – of course you can open it, but you shouldn’t make major changes as this could lead to conflicts.

In short:

1. Create the KeePass database and upload it to Google Drive
2. Open Google Drive on Android and find the KeePass file
3. Long press on the file and click on “Available offline”
4. Briefly tap the file and open it with KeePassDroid
5. Define the file as standard in KeePassDroid
6. Pay attention to the path (see my screenshot) content: //…
7. Passwords are automatically synchronized when there is a WiFi connection

Of course, it works not only with KeePass under Windows, but also with derivatives on other platforms such as macOS that access the file in Google Drive.

KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password Safe for Android.

This application does not have access to the Android internet permission for your safety.

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