Yürü Be İstanbul, Walk Be Istanbul

Yürü Be İstanbul

Thanks to Walk Be Istanbul, you can follow the number of steps, participate in tasks, follow the routes, enter the leadership race with the Walkers in your region, and most of all, you can earn a lot.

With Walk Be Istanbul, you can have fun while every step you take adds health to you.

According to the World Health Organization data, a healthy individual should take an average of 10000 steps per day.

However, this number has decreased considerably due to changing living conditions.

Walk Be Istanbul makes it fun to take a step, thanks to the offers it offers. In addition to this fun, it also offers various surprise prizes.

With various motivational elements, you will take more steps, feel happier and win as you win.

In addition, with the steps you take in the application, you can determine your level, earn various points and experience new adventures.

Walk Be Istanbul counts only the steps taken outdoors.

While using the application, the application must be open even in the background.

Continued use of GPS in the background can reduce battery life.

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