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Download MomentCam – Create Funny Cartoons With Your Photo With Dogs and Pets – (IOS/Android)

The virality of the photographs where someone’s face changes in some way has prompted the emergence of new applications that seek to expand the terrain already explored and transform the face of users into other types of images.

MomentCam FaceApp, capable of changing a person’s face to make them smile, look younger, older or change sex. It was developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab and launched in 2017.

Another one that has gained fame in recent weeks is Al Portraits that converts photos into paintings of different artistic styles and levels of abstraction. It is developed by the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

One more week, here we bring you a photographic application, but this time it is not an editor anymore. MomentCam is a curious App that allows you to create cartoons with our faces, so that they are as if they were a typical handmade drawing.

Now that the selfies are in full boom, with MomentCam you can create funny cartoons with your face and those of your friends, since it also allows group assemblies and has many different designs.

The operation is very simple, on the one hand you can choose the option of creating animated emoticons, which with only one photo from the front camera, will make us the protagonists of funny gifs. And on the other, the Comics function to create bullets in groups. It has many group designs, as a couple, as a family, etc., and you just have to click on the faces to create the cartoon. There are also editing tools for each face, such as the style of the chin, hair, glasses, eyebrows or mustache, as well as different finishes with pencil, pen, slate and many more.

Of course, all these resulting images can be saved in the gallery or shared directly on social networks or other popular services. MomentCam, which already has more than 10 million downloads, has been all the rage in China, and it’s totally free from Google Play.

It may not be an App to use every day, but it is not bad to create different images and with funny results. It is compatible from Android 2.3, although it weighs 38 megabytes, so some short memory devices will suffer to install it. And recently many social network users have shared images of themselves, their families or their partners with a particular edition: portrayed as cartoons that highlight the faces of the protagonists.

That happened after the arrival of MomentCam, an application to animate the photographs through various characters and situations. Although the app was launched last November by creatives in China and later popularized in other countries – also delivering an English version – in Colombia it has had a boom only until these last weeks.

The “virtual word of mouth” has contributed to the fact that these images have now become ‘viral’ in the country, so much so that when reviewing the WhatsApp contact list, Facebook news, or Instagram timeline, most likely is to discover that more than one friend has posted one or more of his MomentCam.

Developed by Hightalk Software Corp. and compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, the app can be downloaded for free through the own virtual store of each of these operating systems. Its use is as simple as capturing a photograph and following basic steps to create it as a cartoon, through various filters and effects.

There are also some customization tools that can be added to apply the personal touch to the moments, as well as interesting designs and backgrounds. The application uses advanced facial recognition to identify faces automatically and add them to cartoons and, although originality may no longer be the basis of this app, following the trend can be fun.

With MomentCam it is very simple to make your selfies look like cartoons, and even allows you to create your own animated emojis with your face. The platform has hundreds of themes that are updated every day, with scenes for all types of users: men, women, children, couples, groups of friends.

In addition, using it is very easy, you can take a selfie or use one that you have saved in your gallery. Then you just have to edit details such as skin and hair tone or hairstyle, choose the background of your choice and share the result on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WeChat.


Create custom cartoons and animated emoticons.
Customize your background with your own photos!
Participate in activities to win prizes, sharing your creations in the MomentCam community.

Customize your avatar with the new skin and hair colors
All this technology makes it possible to transform selfies into anime characters, cats into dogs, horses by zebras or landscapes in impressionist-style paintings.

The tool is available on GitHub and is free. The details of the research were published on the online scientific article platform, ArXiv, so anyone interested can read it.

Download Android

Download iOS


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