Learn Turkish 🎅 Christmas greeting Turkish 🎄 – Arab Turkey

Learn Turkish 🎅 Christmas greeting Turkish 🎄

Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish application simply and easily without a connection to the Internet where they can browse the sections of the application you are in flight mode and read all the Turkish language lessons, namely:

Sentences (useful sentences in all the threads of life)

– The love \ compliment
– Emergency
– Doctor’s visit
– Judgment and sayings
– Work \ workpiece
– Hire
– Transportation
– Conversation dating
– Inductance 2

Vocabulary (the most important words in the Turkish language and common)

– The family names
– Security and Askar
– Human body parts
– Colors
– Dean
– House kitchenware
– Animals and insects
– Male names

– Female names
– Stationery
– Time – Time
– Fruit, Vegetables
– Foods drinks
– Continents, countries and capitals
– The names of all Turkish cities
– Recipes counter
– Technology
– Medicine and Health
– the places

Rules (the most important Turkish bases)

– Turkish letters with a way to pronounce
– Plural and singular in the Turkish language base
– Did it base in the Turkish language

– The last act of a base in the Turkish language
– Did rule the present tense (now) in the Turkish language
– Did the future base in the Turkish language
– Disposal of acts
– Consciences

Talks sound and image (the most important talks, which could begin in the Turkish language, such as dating, health,

shopping and a lot of important topics)
– Utter the letters with the tongue and lips movement
– The consciences of people
– The family names
– Acquaintance
– School
– Numbers
– Times pm
– week days

🔴 common words (all words similar in pronunciation and meaning between Arabic and Turkish, which is still used)

🔴 acts (all acts of Turkish origin and Tsrifam to do something)

🔴 Alodhad or reversible (Alodhad is easy and practical way to save the largest number of important words every word and the corresponding reversible, such as: Large <> small etc ..)

🔴 abbreviations (abbreviations of the Turkish language, which is used in the telly sentence or a word or a university or institution name by taking the first letters of each word)

🔴 tests (to be to test your level of learning the Turkish language lessons through the application)

🔴 translated stories (stories and tales translated from Turkish into Arabic and vice versa, where Sttalm how to bind threads to each other through long talks)

🔴 chat (chat instruction To inquire about translation or for the position of respect in the Turkish language learning is the foundation of practice)

🔴 alarm (you can set an alarm application to be reminded the next lesson to be more organization to pursue learning on a regular basis)

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  2. Ben Suryeliyim 2014’ten beri Türkiyede yaşıyorum 30 yaşındayım 7 çocuğum var ve türkçeyi gayet iyi ve düzğün bir şekilde konuşuyorum.

  3. انا اسمي سامي حماده
    ه وأريد الذهاب إلى أي دوله أوروبا بسبب العنصريه والتهديد الغير مباشره مثل سوف نرجع السوريين إلى بلادهم وما شابه ذلك .ونحن موجودين في تركيا بكامل الاحترام كما يقول اهل الأمثال مثل تفضلوا على دارنا وعازمينكون علىالعشاءوحاطين العصا أمام المعزومين

    1. انا محمد ادم كباشي من السودان اريد الذهاب للتركيا انا واولادي
      وزوجتي منحة او زيارة او فيزا سياحية
      عايز المساعد للزيارة تركيا والتعرف عليها من قرب

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    والبنت عمرها ثلاث سنوات البنت وصبي أما الصبي عمره7سنين
    حصلين كلهم
    التركيه أصولا الا أنان جنسيتي سوريلذلك اطلب
    الهجره إلى كندا فهل يمكن ذلك ولكم كل الشكر

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