Immigration to Australia 2020 / 2021

Australia has a picturesque nature, a high standard of living, and a very large diversity, which made it the most popular destination in the world.

Australia has 10% of the world’s living organisms, and a huge number of rare flora and fauna that only exist in Australia.

Over the years, Australia has emerged as a major destination for people seeking to migrate and start their lives in a diverse country. Australia offers two major immigration programs, the first being the brain drain program for Australia (skilled labor migration to Australia), which enables professionals and experienced immigrants to migrate to Australia according to the express entry system to Australia after fulfilling the conditions required by specific immigration points.

The second immigration program is the Investment Migration Program, which aims to encourage businessmen and women to contribute to Australia’s growth by investing in it and creating their own business in Australia, and buying financial assets in Australian banks.

Privileges and benefits of immigration to Australia – brain drain to Australia
Free education for children.
Free health insurance.
Tax benefits for families (permanent residents and Australian citizens).
Material support system for newborns (family gets A $ 5,500).
First house insurance for permanent residents and Australian citizens (down payment of A $ 26,000 for the new home).
Full employment rights, and assistance in finding employment.
Access to Australian citizenship.
The ability to include husbands, children and parents.

About the Immigration to Australia Program – Migration of Competencies to Australia
The Brain Drainage Program to Australia (Skilled Labor Migration to Australia) is a program designed to encourage professionals and experienced people to work in Australia to work in sectors facing a shortage of expertise. The Brain Drainage Program has been introduced to Australia to replace all skilled work visas issued between 2012-2013.

The Immigration to Australia Program – Competency Migration has sub-visas; Where the applicant must choose a profession from the list of required professions issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Department of Border Protection and Immigration. After that, the applicant must fulfill the basic requirements of the competency immigration program from work experience, certificates, language skills, and others.

The program works according to the points system, which is used to determine the eligibility of applicants to migrate to Australia, where applicants are awarded points against age, education, work experience, English or French skills, and other important factors. Immigration points to Australia are calculated, and the applicant must achieve 65 points to qualify for immigration to Australia. The highest grade applicants are selected and given the right to immigrate to and enter Australia with their spouses / wives and children.

Requirements and conditions for eligibility for immigration to Australia – brain drain to Australia
There are several conditions and requirements for immigration to Australia through the talent migration program, where the applicant must:

She is 22-44 years old.
He works in one of the professions specified in the list of professions required by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Department of Border Protection and Immigration.
He gets at least 65 points in the immigration points system to Australia.

Has the minimum language skills required (9/6 on IELTS or any acceptable test).

Meets personality requirements.

Complies with health requirements.

Costs required to migrate to Australia – brain drain to Australia
Fee for submitting a skills assessment application: A $ 1,500-1,000
Government fees:

Principal applicant: 3,755 Australian dollars
Children over the age of 18: 1,875 Australian dollars
Children under 18: 940 Australian dollars


  1. I hope you accept my message. I am a Syrian refugee living in Turkey and I want to leave. I have a small child who needs to live in good conditions. The living conditions in Turkey are very bad. Please accept and reply

    1. مرحبا انا مقيم في تركيا مع أفراد العائلة مكونا من 6 أشخاص ابي امي اخي الصغير انا زوجتي طفلتي الصغيرة نريد الهجرة نحن هنا من 9 سنوات الظروف الصعبة من قدوم وباء كورونا لا يتوفر عمل في الوقت الحالي

  2. اتمنى انا اهاجر الى استرالياا للعيش والاستقرار انا الا استطيع ان اعيش في تركيا ليسه لديا القدره ع ان اهاجر الى اي دولة وربيه ارجو الموافقه

  3. أنا سوريا عايشه في تركيا عندي طفلين اريد أن اعيشهم في ظروف احسن اريد اللجو إلى استراليا

  4. انا مواطن سوري
    مقيم في تركيا انا وزوجتي ولا يوجد أطفال
    و لمرض زوجتي بطالة في الدماغ
    دون عمل ومعيشة صعبة بتاثير وباء كورونا وقلة العمل وارتفاع الاسعار اطلب اللجوء الانساني لدولتكم

    1. انا مواطن سوري
      اقيم في تركيا انا وزوجتي ولا يوجد أطفال
      لمرض زوجتي بكتلة في الدماغ
      وانا دون عمل ومعيشة صعبة بتاثير وباء كورونا وقلة العمل وارتفاع الاسعار والمعيشة
      و اطلب اللجوء الانساني لدولتكم

    2. انا لأجئة اسمي سارة عامر جميل في تركيا مع عائلتي مقيمة انا وعائلتي جميعا نرغب بل وصول الى استيرالياارجوكم..نحن صارلنا سبع سنوات ارحمو بحالنا تعبنا كثيرا حالتنا النفسية جدا تعبت وامكانتنا المادية اصبحت صفر جدا وليس لنا القدرة للبقاء بعد في تركيا ارحمونا ارجوكم
      اما الرجوع الى العراق نموت جميعا نحن مضطهدين بل القتل والموت جميعا في العراق لانستطيع الرجوع ابدا
      استيراليا بلد الخير والامان والاستقرار
      رقم تليفون لااتصال :05370255904

  5. انا مواطن سوري
    اقيم في تركيا انا وزوجتي ولا يوجد أطفال
    لمرض زوجتي بكتلة في الدماغ
    وانا دون عمل ومعيشة صعبة بتاثير وباء كورونا وقلة العمل وارتفاع الاسعار والمعيشة
    و اطلب اللجوء الانساني لدولتكم

  6. انا اعيش بي تركيا وعندي طفل واحد وارجو الموافقة على على طلب اللجوء إلي استراليا

  7. انا أسامة سعود محمد علي سعيد آل ابرو مقيم في تركيا أنقرة اريد اللجوء الي أستراليا نحنا 9 أشخاص ابي مريض خطير وأنا غير قادرين على تكلف العلاج اني اريد اكمل دراستي اتمنى ان يصل تعليقي ارجو منكم أن تفهمو حالتي وتقبلوني وشكرا 05526930617

  8. فاطمة العمر متزوجة ولدي ٤ اطفال وابني الكبير عمرو ١٨ سنة ومصاب اصابة حرب وانا مقيمة في تركيا واريد اللجوء الى استراليارقم الجوال ٠٥٥١٠٦٦٥٥٢٥

  9. عبدالله عمر العمر مقيم في تركيا بلد الام سوريه خرجنه من سوريه بسبب الحرب واريد الهجرة انا و عائلتي الي استراليه للامن ولاامان و الاستقرار فيها

  10. I am from Syria and I have a wife and two children. I live in Turkey and I am seeking asylum with you because of the situation in my country, Syria, and I am here now in Turkey.. I have an industrial institute certificate and I have experience in all electricity،I was a state employee at the Syrian Atomic Energy Authority

  11. My name is Muhannad Al-Saleh, I am 33 years old. I was in Syria working for the Syrian Atomic Energy Authority, and I have extensive experience in the field of electricity. I have a family of two children and my wife is with me as well. I am now in Turkey and I ask you to help secure a safe life for me and my family. I want to live in peace and security. I ask for asylum in your country. I am here in Turkey. My life is very difficult. (Help us) Thank you very much

  12. I am Muhammed Drakzinli, a driver of a giant country crane, and I currently live in Turkey. I want to seek refuge in a place that makes my living situation better. I have three children.

  13. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I am Ahmed Khatib, a Syrian citizen, married, and I have 4 children, 3 of them are in schools, 1 a youngster, two years old, and my eldest son is a university student. Living here is difficult. I cannot provide the study expenses for my children.

  14. Greetings, I am a man working in Turkey and the living conditions are very difficult. I have 3 children and I am unable to meet their needs because of the high prices. I hope your esteemed country will accept my family and I asylum in your country. You have my utmost respect

  15. انا سوري احمل شهادة في الماجستير وشهادة في دبلوم تاهيل التربوي ومدرس جامعي حاليا في تركيا بسبب ظروف الحرب ارجو مساعدتي في الهجرة

  16. ارغب في الهجرة الى استراليا طالب هندسة سابقا وحاليا اعمل في مجال التدفئة والتاسيسات الصحية

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  18. السلام عليكم 

     انا اسمي محمد ياسر جاويش 

    سوري الجنسية مقيم في تركيا غازي عنتاب 

    مريض بمرض الصرع  نقص تروية في دماغ واب لخمس أطفال 

    ولا استطيع العمل 

    والأطفال لا يزهبون الى المرسة ويعملون كي يساعدوني في المعيشة 

    اطلب من جنابكم الكريم النظر في وضعي الصحي 

    وشكرآ للأمم المتحدة 

    وهاذا رقمي ٠٥٣١٢٣١٣٣٣٦

  19. أعمل بالإنشائات ولدي طفل أرغب باللجوء بسبب وضع المعيشة السيء ولأنني أحب بلد استراليا جدا

  20. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركات
    ارغب بالهجرة لتطوير المستوى المعيشي
    اعمل في الإنشائات ولدي 3اطفال

    1. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
      ارغب بلجوء الى استراليا لتطوير المستوا المستوى المعيشي أعمل في الأنشائات ولدي 3اطفال

  21. My name is residing in Turkey and I want to emigrate to Australia. I have written to you my email if you would like me to accept my request

  22. أريد اللجوء إلى أي دولة أعيش فيها أنا نجار موبيليا خشب

  23. مرحبا انا سوري وهارب من الحرب وعمري 50 عام وانا مريض وقد عملت عمل جراحي في اسفل الضهر ولا استطيع العمل ولا اسمع في اذني وعندي تضيق في الشرايين وليدي زوجةوخمسه 5 اولااد منهم طفلين في المدرسة واثنين العمر 21 عام وابني الكبير متزوج ولديه زوجة وطفلة يعني نحن عائلة من تسعة 9 اشخاص واريد الهجرة الى بلدكم كي نستطيع العيش في حرية وسلام بعيدا عن الحرب والطائفيه والارهاب نحن نؤمن بجميع الاديان ونحب السلام للجميع شكرا لكم

    Hello, I am a Syrian and a fugitive from the war. I am 50 years old. I am sick. I have had a surgical operation in the lower back. I cannot work, and I do not hear in my ears. I have narrowing of the arteries. I have a wife and five children, including two children in school and two, age 21. My older son is married and has a wife and a child. I mean we are a family. From nine to nine people and I want to immigrate to your country so that we can live in freedom and peace away from war, sectarianism and terrorism. We believe in all religions and love peace for all. Thank you

    Merhaba ben suriyeliyim ve savaş firarisiyim 50 yaşındayım hastayım belimden ameliyat oldum çalışamıyorum kulaklarım duymuyor Bir karım ve ikisi okulda, ikisi 21 yaşında olmak üzere beş çocuğum var. Büyük oğlum evli ve bir karısı ve bir çocuğu var. Yani, biz bir aileyiz. Savaştan, mezhepçilikten ve terörden uzak, özgürlük ve barış içinde yaşayabilmemiz için ülkenize göç etmek istiyorum.Bütün dinlere inanıyoruz ve barışı herkes için seviyoruz.Teşekkürler

  24. Hello, I am a young man of twenty-three years old. I want help immigrating to Australia to live in peace and freedom. Thanks mrhbaan

  25. مرحبا انا لاجئ سوري في تركيا عمري ٢٧ سنة متزوج وعندي ثلاث اطفال عم نعاني كتير هون ارجو قبول طلب اللجوء رقم هاتفي 00905382836298

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